profileWelcome to my site! If you’ve landed here, it either means you are related to me, you are one of my loyal blog readers (thank you, thank you!), or you are looking to hire me for college essay help or copywriting services. No matter what the reason, I’m glad you’re here and I invite you to explore my site, which has links to my blog, resume, portfolio, as well as a place to find out more about my college essay services. Feel free to contact me about any of the above.

Before clicking on any of the tabs, I want to provide some background on me as well as why I put this site together. As with many creative careers, a person’s experience can vary widely, and where you start is almost never where you’ll end up years later.

Years ago, before anyone even had an email address (yes, I know that’s a LONG time ago), my first job out of college was at an advertising agency. I had a firsthand look of how an agency runs and although I was intrigued, I had already been accepted to the University of Chicago School of Business on a deferred basis, meaning they wanted to me to obtain some work experience before gracing their halls with my presence. So, I worked at the agency for a year until the U of C let me come to Chi-town.

Two years later, with my marketing MBA in my back pocket, I entered the world of pharmaceutical marketing and became a brand manager. For five and a half years, I learned how to run a brand, how to manage an agency, and how to produce stellar marketing materials. Although I pushed the desire out of my head at the time, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to sit on the other side of the table with the creatives writing the copy. However, I stayed on the client side, but eventually made the move to a non-profit, figuring that if I worked for a cause that I believed in, I would feel more fulfilled at my work. That was sort of true, but then the need to earn more money outweighed my fulfillment and I made another jump to financial services marketing. Although I definitely did NOT find fulfillment at that job (sorry Citibank!), I did find it during the evening hours, when I would take writing classes.

And that was when I also learned that I loved to write.

Over the next 16 years, I stayed home raising my three sons while simultaneously writing wherever and whenever I possibly could. I continued to take writing classes, joined a writing group, published a variety of articles and personal essays, and even wrote a memoir, for which I plan to find a publishing home soon.

So there you have my circuitous route: From Agency to MBA to Marketing Management to Writing. And this is where I plan to stay.

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